Despite the complex world we are enduring at the moment we can still celebrate the achievements of our colleagues and friends. Among the many ways ISSPP has been fostering advances in the management of patients with disease of the pleura and peritoneum is the Peritoneum Prize.

This year, the Peritoneum Prize is awarded to Prof. Jimmy So, from the National University Hospital in Singapore, as the Principal Investigator of the EXPEL trial. ISSPP expects the results of this trial to be practice-changing in gastric cancer surgery.

The EXPEL trial is a prospective randomized, high-quality surgical study evaluating the potential benefit of peritoneal lavage after surgical resection of the stomach. The trial involved 800 patients from 22 hospitals from Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Patients with cT3, T4 stomach cancer undergoing curative resection were randomized to surgery alone (control group, n=402 patients) or surgery followed by lavage of the peritoneal cavity with 10 L of saline solution (test group, n=398 patients). There was no difference in the 3-year cumulative incidence of recurrence between the two groups. The rate of adverse events was higher in the test group (RR=1.58, P=0.019).

Former Laureates of the Pertioneum Prize were:

  • 2019 Doctor Willemien J van Driel, MD PhD of the Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • 2018 Professor Clemens B. Tempfer, MD MBA, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany.