Dr. Vladimir Khomiakov from P.E. Hertzen Cancer Research Institute in Moskow, Russian Federation, invites you to a webinar with the title “Neoadjuvant and adjuvant PIPAC”. The P.E. Hertzen Cancer Research Institute is a major referral center in Russia. Dr. Khomiakov, the Chief of upper GI surgery, was the second physician worldwide to start a PIPAC program in his institution. He has the longest experience with PIPAC in gastric cancer. He started 2018 to perform simultaneous gastrectomy and low-dose PIPAC C/D. Together with the guest speakers from Russa, Italy, and Denmark, he will present for the first time some data on what might become a breakthrough.

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This seminar is supported by a grant from MEDTRON AG, Saarbrücken, Germany
Accutron (TM) Thera – CE-certified high-pressure injector for therapeutic solutions

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