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Research projects

There are worldwide efforts to improve diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the pleura and peritoneum. However, the number of centers with large-scale translational research efforts (this means research starting in the lab and ending at the patient beside) is still fairly limited.


For malignant diseases of the peritoneum, such centers include:

– Peter McCallum Cancer Center, Melbourne, Australia (Prof. Rob Ramsay, Prof. Alexander Heriot)

– Gent University, Gent, Belgium (Prof. Wim Ceelen)

– National Center for Pleura and Peritoneum, University of Tübingen, Germany (Prof. Marc Reymond)

– University Paris 7/ Sorbonne, France (Prof. Marc Pocard)

– University Lyon Sud, Lyon, France (Prof. Olivier Glehen)

– University Oslo, Norway (Prof. Kjersti Flatmark)

– National University Hospital, Singapore (Prof. Jimmy So)

– National University Hospital Seoul, South Korea (Prof. H.H. Kim)

and others.

These researchers are all active members of ISSPP and totalize together more than one thousand, peer-reviewed publications in international scientific journals.





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