A recent publication (Yurttas et al, PMID: 30572653) illustrated the dilemma of the empirical HIPEC protocols: only for colorectal cancer, 62 different chemotherapy protocols were published, making a comparison of data challenging. So far, only a handful of PIPAC protocols are used but PIPAC is clearly on the “verge of diversification”. Efforts are needed to maintain homogenous treatment protocols for PIPAC allowing standardized training, design of homogeneous multicentric prospective randomized trials, and comparison/merging of datasets.

On July 2nd-3rd, 2021, Prof. Martin Hübner, MD (Lausanne, Switzerland), and Dr. Olivia Sgarbura, MD PhD (Montpellier, France) organized a consensus meeting on PIPAC chemotherapy regimen. Leading surgeons, medical oncologists, and pharmacologists active in the field of peritoneal metastasis participated to the consensus. Participants from Japan, Singapore, India, Middle East, Russia, USA, UK joined virtually the 14 experts present in Paris.

After publication in a peer-reviewed journal, results of the consensus meeting will be published on this website

The consensus meeting was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from SMD medical, Tägerwilen, Switzerland